Posted by: haworthpc | June 4, 2014

The Future of Unattended Toilets in the Parish

At the meeting of Haworth Cross Roads & Stanbury Parish Council on 2nd June, members discussed Bradford Council’s letter advising of their intentions to close the public toilets at Cross Roads and at Penistone Hill.

Councillor Gary Swallow reported that he and Councillor Hill had a meeting on Thursday 29th May with officers from Bradford Council to discuss the issue and Bradford Council’s suggestion that the Parish Council take on responsibility for the running of the toilet facilities.

Bradford Council Officials reported that the staffing and transport costs are currently budgeted at £6,000 each facility with £1,100 for consumables each and also rates of £800 for Cross Roads.

It was considered that these running costs were way outside what the Parish Council could consider taking on, but the above figures actually represent a percentage of the total budget for the toilets authority wide. If a local person were engaged to open and clean them when necessary then the cost would likely be a fraction of what is in Bradford’s budget.

The other main issue was that there were no figures as to the usage of these facilities, Cllr Swallow said that due to low and seasonal usage he personally would let the Penistone Hill facilities close and have the building demolished with the land turned back to nature, members agreed that the Penistone Hill facilities should be allowed to close.  With regards to the Cross Roads Toilets there are the users of the Cross Roads Park to consider but we have no idea at the moment how many people use the toilets. It was agreed that unless it was established that there was significant usage of these facilities then the Parish Council should take no further action and allow these facilities to close also. The Parish Council has asked Bradford Council if they have any indication of footfall at the Cross Roads site before considering the matter further.

The Parish Council is really keen to hear the views of local people on this issue.



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